We thought it would pass, surely our memory would return to normal after the birth of our babies…… okay well maybe after we come out the initial newborn haze….. I used to be high flyer, juggling a million important projects at once, flying up and down the country being ever so important.

Then I had Baby number 1, a beautiful girl and then 20 months later, Baby number 2, a perfect little boy……and I now need to write everything down or it doesn’t get done!!

So after having paper and post-its everywhere but never in the right place at the right time I told my friend (and now mummy planner partner) about how useless I felt, couldn’t even get the little things right. Low and behold she felt the EXACT same. So during our long walks we tried to figure out how to improve our brain capacity,  realised we didn’t have time to retrain as brain surgeons so designed beautiful and oh so practical wall planners.

Now in pride of place on my fridge I could not live without it, well I could but nothing would get done. So for all those mummies and daddies who need a little memory jogger, you’re welcome 🙂